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Jay Bonet

15 years of EXPERIENCE IN THE BUSINESS WORLD, Mr. Bonet is a Raw Vegan Internet Entrepreneur also known as The Raw Vegan Preneur. He is a internet marketing coach, web and graphic developer. He runs and owns his own Web agency called Bonet Enterprises LLC who’s developed hundreds of websites for clients all over the world.

He has taught many in the cyber world how to market and promote via social media platforms and using tools like video marketing, blogging and more….He’s an SEO expert and has been able to work with great clients like fortune 500 companies down below…

He’s built some nicely designed websites  for small and big companies like the following to name a few..







He’s also hosted hundreds of live webcasts to people all across the globe, primarily in Latin America. Being part of his 2nd MLM- network marketing company by the name of Traverus Travel from 2008-2010, currently named, Paycations where he was one of the top distributors in the hispanic market.

He went on to build the largest Hispanic team of over 3k reps in as little as a few months with now called Paycation travel.

Jay continued learning and mastering his craft through out the years, & moved on to other endeavors.

He once managed duo of hip hop artist’s formerly known as Man Up in the entertainment industry for few years back in 2002-2007. The artist’s then chose different path’s as they could have been the next big thing.

He has taught himself many of these and other key elements that is needed to survive the harsh elements called; LIFE!. His experiences include being in the following industries & achievements 

  • Internet – 1st time using computer and internet started in 93
  • Went to Monroe college 2 semester, but dropped out
  • Degree in School of hard knocks – Everyday life in the Bronx where born and raised
  • Received his real estate license in 1998- Realtor for close to 2 years in 1999-2001 He was successful on selling more than 10 homes within that time span.
  • Online Marketing- internet marketing
  • Travel & tourism
  • Collections- Worked as a bill collector in various collection jobs spanning from 2000-2008 as he quit corporate America in 2008 and branched out as a freelancer working from home following his passions of internet and all that it involves the net, and never looking to the corporate world again.

Jay’s Goals:

Become 1 of the top 10 philanthropist’s of his time

Create schools, and charities for children and animals all across the globe

Motivational speaking to the young and adults of his experiences and successes, in the hopes of inspiring and motivating others to see their true potential as he sees in himself and in others

To become the next internet explosion

Create jobs and provide a better community through different parts of the world

Be an investor in peoples dreams

Become a Billon Dollar Web-Flipper – A Realtor  that sells web estates

Continue to have many successful on and off line businesses

Build Izzy Wizzy to become a Billion Dollar Empire.   Now bringing to the forefront his pride, and joy clothing creation for kids, Izzy Wizzy  which was created by water and a napkin.


“I am proud to say that I have taught myself many key tools like, Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Web 2.0, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and promotions and many other skills to tackle any online task. I have over 15 years of experience working in the business world, and know my passion is in helping people.

That’s why I quit corporate America in November, 2008 to go after my OWN dreams and chose not to build the dreams of others. I am passionate about the injustice in the people and in our society. People are needing more leaders to help them become one, and not a robot of society. 

I walked away from a salary+commission based job to take control of my mind, body and spirit.


I’ve become a expert in my own self motivation. I have taken risks that many would never ever attempt to, but as a entrepreneur- I truly believe that, thoughts are things, and one must go after their dreams.

How you think shapes your circumstances. One must realize and understand that there is so much greatness around us; if people can understand that we all can live a life of unlimited abundance.

You need to have the mindset that can continually attract wealth (prosperity consciousness)”.

My goals outline a man on a mission to give back love, peace, harmony and lasting relationships for all that come in contact with me either in business or socially. Also know that as much as I am a passionate entrepreneur, I am also more  passionate about making the world I live in a better place and fighting any injustices. I am against all abuse to animals and people. I feel it’s my duty as a being of light to do my part in helping out my fellow brother and sister that can better their life…

I will be posting a weekly blog soon. Stay tuned..

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“it’s not over until I win, and when I win it just begins…


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